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Our Approach

Blindspots are behaviors in which we engage and of which we are unaware. We all need help identifying our blindspots and course-correcting, because if left unchecked, we ultimately undermine our influence, limit our effectiveness, and damage our relationships!

For years, we have been dedicated to applying strategies and building solutions that help professionals, businesses, and leaders increase their self-awareness and grow their Emotional Intelligence (EI). The result is men and women enjoying deeper relationships, with more fulfilling interactions, who are leading more productive teams.

Here is how we make that happen:


Dynamic speaking engagements built around unleashing influence through emotional intelligence. Keynotes are delivered as stand-alone engagements or as part of an on-going series. We introduce your team and organization to Emotional Intelligence and help you develop a framework for self-awareness.

Training Environments

Interactive learning environments that help you and your team develop the necessary techniques for identifying undermining tendencies and becoming healthier leaders. In these large group sessions we collaborate to develop personalized growth plans and make the move from self-awareness to self-management.

Coaching Cohorts

Intentional communities gathering to learn and discover how to build healthy teams, culture, and relationships. We work together in a small group setting to become leaders worth following, who build teams worth leading, and shape cultures that last. Additionally, each session helps you understand how to deploy Emotional Intelligence in every aspect of your life (family, friends, peers, coworkers, and community).

Executive Coaching

Customized coaching that takes our core lessons and learnings and applies them directly to your specific team, culture, and circle of influence. These individual sessions are designed to tackle live-issues and help you avoid undermining tendencies. We work with you to maximize your influence and equip you to reproduce healthy leadership as a leader who is built to last.

Henry Deneen

Henry Deneen


Specializing in the field of Emotional Intelligence, Henry has worked with executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and teams from across the world providing opportunities for their personal and professional growth in order to maximize their potential. Read more »

Leslie Deneen

Leslie Deneen

Operations Coordinator

A native of South Carolina, Leslie has also lived in San Francisco, Colorado, and France. Leslie has learned to adapt cross-culturally and has acquired a deep understanding of how people connect to one another. Read more »

Henry Deneen has made a number of presentations for the South Carolina Bar Continuing Legal Education Division on the topics of attorney wellness and emotional intelligence. His presentations are substantively excellent, intellectually challenging, emotionally inspiring, and most of all eminently practical. Henry is articulate, compassionate and energetic. He has a knack of getting to the heart of the issue in a way that engages the full person. I enthusiastically endorse Henry as a teacher and coach for professionals of all callings.

— Terry Burnett, South Carolina Bar, Continuing Legal Education Director

I strongly recommend Blindspot Solutions to any group or individual looking for coaching and mentoring. Over the last 3 years I’ve had the privilege of working personally and professionally with Henry Deneen. Henry is an outstanding mediator and an expert in the field of emotional intelligence. Every time I work with him, I’m challenged to be a better husband, father, and leader in my business and community.

— Mike Dowling, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Southern First Bank

Henry Deneen was not just my lawyer and head of my Legal Division in the South Carolina Governor’s Office, he was also my close personal advisor and friend. Over the years, we have worked together in and on some of the most difficult places and complex issues around the world with international governments and business leaders. Henry’s skills acquired in those environments demonstrate his unique qualifications to teach and coach professionals. I am so excited by what he is doing in bringing his experiences and expertise in emotional intelligence to help others through Blindspot Solutions.

— David M. Beasley, former South Carolina Governor (1995-1999) and current Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme

The time I have spent working with Blindspot Solutions has made me into a better person and a more effective lawyer, leader, and mediator! Henry Deneen is a thought leader in the field of Emotional Intelligence. His presentations are engaging, thought provoking, and timely. Henry’s unique blend of academic and real world experience gives him a perspective that translates easily into effective daily application.

— H. Mills Gallivan, Esq., Senior Partner, Arbitrator & Mediator, Gallivan, White & Boyd, P.A.

Blindspot Solutions has my personal support and endorsement. I’ve greatly benefited from Henry Deneen’s expertise in the field of Executive Coaching and seen first hand his mastery of Emotional Intelligence through our community board engagements. I have the utmost trust and respect for this organization and recommend Henry without hesitation for speaking, coaching, training, and consulting.

— Jon M. Chilton, Greenville Market President, BB&T

Blindspot Solutions is highly qualified to help teams in all arenas upgrade their Emotional Intelligence. In my experience, it is not IQ that counts in building a great team—but EI. I appreciate the research that Henry Deneen has done in the field of Emotional Intelligence. He is well prepared with both academic and real life experience to coach and train high performance teams to get healthy in their EI.

— Dr. Hans Finzel, President, HD Leaders, Best-selling leadership author

Blindspot Solutions has been a godsend for Miracle Hill Ministries. The organization’s expertise in conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and coaching have been invaluable for fostering reconciliation, promoting healing, and bringing people together. Henry Deneen is a trustworthy listener and leader. His ability to find a pathway forward was an encouragement to both our leadership staff and our governing Board.

— Reid Lehman, President/CEO, Miracle Hill Ministries

The valuable insight we received from Henry Deneen and Blindspot Solutions motivated our law students to assess and determine ways to improve their emotional intelligence. This awareness and growth benefits our law students and helps them to succeed both professionally and personally throughout their lives.

— Jill Kunkle, Assoc. Director of Career Services, University of S.C. School of Law

Pathways to Transformation:: A Workbook for Emotional Intelligence Growth

Strong Emotional Intelligence (EI) is more important today than ever before. My hope is that by using this workbook, and carefully considering the suggested principles, your life will change for the better. This workbook will reveal pathways that lead to a growing and healthy EI. By learning and following these pathways, you will be on your way to a happier, more fulfilled, and deeply meaningful personal and professional life. We all need help identifying our blindspots and course-correcting, because if left unchecked, we ultimately undermine our influence, limit our effectiveness, and damage our relationships!

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